Air Force History and Museums Program Publications

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Space Force: Origins, by Dr Priscilla Jones
The USAF in Southeast Asia and the Vietnam War, vol 2, 1960-1961. By Kenneth H. Williams. Book Cover Photo: Col. Benjamin H. King, the first commander of 4400th Combat Crew Training Squadron, better known as Jungle Jim, in Vietnam in December 1961 with the detachment that carried out the Farm Gate operation. King is wearing the hat that became the trademark of the air commandos, the organization that evolved from the 4400th CCTS. King is considered one of the founders of the air commandos, and the auditorium of 9th Special Operations Squadron at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, is named in his honor. Photo from Gleason, Air Commando Chronicles.
The US Air Force in Southeast Asia and the Vietnam War. A Narrative Chronology: The Early Years through 1959. By Kenneth H. Williams, 2019.
LeMay on Vietnam: edited with an Introduction by Kenneth H. Williams
Chronology of Significant USAF Air and Space Events: 1903-2012. By Daniel L Haulman, updated by Priscilla D Jones and Robert D Oliver.
Great Game to 9/11: A Concise History of Afghanistan's International Relations By Michael R. Rouland
US Relations With Iraq: From the Mandate to Operation Iraqi Freedom. By Gary M. Boutz and Kenneth H. Williams.
Natural Defense: US Air Force Origins of the Department of Defense Natural Resources Conservation Program. By Jean A. Mansavage
The First 109 Minutes: 9/11 and the U.S. Air Force, by Dr. Priscilla D. Jones, updated 2018
Generations of Service by Laura E. Yardley