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DOD personnel and organizations may request a hard copy of any of our "in print" publications free of charge.  Follow the directions on the Contact Us page . Many of our out of print titles are available for you to download from this web site. Some publications can take a long time to download, even with high-speed connections. For a full list of our publications, see the TITLES list.






The US Air Force in Southeast Asia and the Vietnam War. A Narrative Chronology: The Early Years through 1959. By Kenneth H. Williams, 2019.
LeMay on Vietnam: edited with an Introduction by Kenneth H. Williams
Chronology of Significant USAF Air and Space Events: 1903-2012. By Daniel L Haulman, updated by Priscilla D Jones and Robert D Oliver.
Great Game to 9/11: A Concise History of Afghanistan's International Relations By Michael R. Rouland
US Relations With Iraq: From the Mandate to Operation Iraqi Freedom. By Gary M. Boutz and Kenneth H. Williams.
Natural Defense: US Air Force Origins of the Department of Defense Natural Resources Conservation Program. By Jean A. Mansavage
The First 109 Minutes: 9/11 and the U.S. Air Force, by Dr. Priscilla D. Jones, updated 2018
Generations of Service by Laura E. Yardley