Chronology: American Air and Space Events.  Compiled and organized by Air Force Historian Harold   "Phil" Meyers.  The Chronology contains 630 pages of "firsts", "lasts", "significant events" and is organized in topical sections.    

One Hundred Ten Years of Flight: Significant Air and Space Events:  1903-2012.  By Daniel L. Haulman, Historian, AFHRA.  Updated by Priscilla D. Jones and Robert D. Oliver, Historians, AFHSD.

Timeline: A Century of Air and Space Power:  1903-2003.  This graphical presentation of significant USAF events, is placed in the timeline of US history. 



A Century of Air and Space Power - timeline
A Graphical representation of the aerospace events, wars, aircraft, etc. through time to 2002
A Century of Air and Space Power
Presidents, Wars, Events, Technology, Doctrine, Aircraft, Munitions and Air Force leaders are presented in a graphical timeline of Air Force history to 2003.