The U S Air Force in the Gulf War

Gulf War Air Power Survey series:

Summary Report

Vol. 1: Planning and Command and Control

Vol. 2: Operations and Effects and Effectiveness

Vol. 3: Logistics and Support

Vol. 4: Weapons, Tactics, and Training and Space Operations

Vol. 5: A Statistical Compendium and Chronology  

See this unclassified study, produced by the Center for Air Force History in 1994.  Presented chronologically, under separate political and military headings for specific dates listed. Political events were drawn from leading newspapers. Military events and statistics were derived from documents used by Air Staff personnel:

The Persian Gulf War: An Air Straff Chronology of Desert Shield/Desert Storm. Compiled by Steven B. Michael, Captain USAF.

See this study prepared by the Office of History, HQ 37th Fighter Wing, 12th AF, TAC:

Nighthawks over Iraq: A Chronology of F-117A Stealth Fighter in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

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