• Air Force Chief of Staff Reading List

    Recommended reading list for USAF members.
  • Air House: A History

    Quarters Seven is more than a historic Air Force building, it is a welcoming home.  Located on historic Ft. Myers, Virginia, Quarters Seven is the residence of the Air Force Chief of Staff. This book surveys the history of the United States Air Force and recounts the service of Air Force Chiefs of Staff and their spouses.  Air House presents a
  • An Uncommon War: The US Air Force in Southeast Asia

    Shortly after the end of the war in Southeast Asia, the Air University's Airpower Research Institute at Maxwell AFB, Ala., commissioned a series of studies of the aerial aspects of that conflict. Some 40 airmen who had served in the Vietnam War helped write and edit the volumes. Known as the USAF Southeast Asia Monograph Series, the project produced a series of brief studies, subsequently published by the Office of Air Force History, that enjoyed a fair measure of popular appeal, principally because they reflected the experiences of the participants in the fighting. The essay that follows addresses those monographs dealing with air operations against North Vietnam, resistance to the North Vietnamese invasion of the South in 1972, and the evacuation of Saigon in 1975. Instead of concentrating on the experiences of individuals, the author, Bernard C. Nalty, searches for larger themes underlying the combat activity that the monographs describe.
  • Army Air Forces Aircraft: A Definitive Moment

    World War II was a definitive moment in history for aircraft. For both the military and commercial industry it was the heyday of aircraft production. Before the start of the war the U.S. Army Air Corps had only a few hundred air planes. By the end of the war it was the largest Air Force ever assembled with nearly 80,000 airplanes. Aircraft production and technology improved at dramatic rates as America set the world pace for military and civil aviation. More than 100 types of aircraft were used by the Army Air Force (AAF) during World War II.
  • Army Air Forces World War II Shoulder Sleeve Insignia

    U. S. Army Air Forces shoulder sleeve insignia in WWII.