• Air House: A History

    Quarters Seven is more than a historic Air Force building, it is a welcoming home.  Located on historic Ft. Myers, Virginia, Quarters Seven is the residence of the Air Force Chief of Staff. This book surveys the history of the United States Air Force and recounts the service of Air Force Chiefs of

  • An Uncommon War: The US Air Force in Southeast Asia

    Shortly after the end of the war in Southeast Asia, the Air University's Airpower Research Institute at Maxwell AFB, Ala., commissioned a series of studies of the aerial aspects of that conflict. Some 40 airmen who had served in the Vietnam War helped write and edit the volumes. Known as the USAF

  • Army Air Forces Aircraft: A Definitive Moment

    World War II was a definitive moment in history for aircraft. For both the military and commercial industry it was the heyday of aircraft production. Before the start of the war the U.S. Army Air Corps had only a few hundred air planes. By the end of the war it was the largest Air Force ever