1909 -- First Air Arm Flying School

After their plane passed the final flight performance tests, conducted from July 27 to 30 1909, the Wrights as part of their contract with the government had to train two Army officers as pilots. The officers selected to receive flight training were Lts. Frank P. Lahm and Fredric E. Humphreys. Instruction began on Oct. 8, 1909, at College Park, Md. Lahm received the first lesson, but Humphreys made the first solo flight on Oct. 26, a few minutes before Lahm made his. Humphreys received three hours, four minutes, and seven seconds of instruction before he soloed, and Lahm had three hours, seven minutes, and 38 seconds of training before making his solo flight. On Oct. 25, Wilbur Wright showed his pupils how to cut off the motor and glide safely to earth without power, a skill essential in the days of unpredictable engine performance.

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