1992 - NATO Operation Sky Monitor

The United Nations Security Council, on Oct. 9, 1992, passed resolution 781, establishing a ban on military flights in the air space of Bosnia-Herzegovina, with exception for those conducted by the United Nations Protection Force (UNPROFOR) or in support of UN operations, including humanitarian assistance. The same resolution tasked UNPROFOR to monitor compliance with the ban and called upon states to take nationally or through regional agencies or arrangements all measures necessary to provide assistance to UNPROFOR, based on technical monitoring and other capabilities.

NATO agreed to provide the UN with air space monitoring assistance by extending the role of the NATO Airborne Early Warning (NAEW) Aircraft  that had been assisting in naval monitoring operations in the Adriatic since July 16,1992.  The air space monitoring aspect of the combined operation was called operation "Sky Monitor".  Information collected as a result of NAEW Force monitoring of the air space was provided to UN authorities.