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Air Force History and MuseumsHigh Road to Tokyo Bay: The AAF in the Asiatic Pacific TheaterDaniel L. Haulman9/27/2010
UnknownThe Mayaguez IncidentTook place in the Gulf of Thailand 19758/16/2013
Air Force History and MuseumsAir Corps News Letter 1929 Jan-JunAir Corps News Letter4/22/2011
UnknownAir War Over South VietnamBernard C. Nalty9/24/2010
Unknown1991 United States Air Force Statistical Digest Fiscal Year 1991Deputy Assistant Secretary (Cost and Economics), Secretary of the Air Force (Financial Management and Comptroller of the Air Force)4/19/2011
Air Force History and MuseumsA Career in Test and Evaluation: Reflections and ObservationsFrom an oral history interview with Charles E. "Pete" Adolph, conducted by Richard P. Hallion9/24/2010
Air Force History and MuseumsOperation Eagle ClawFrom the book Short of War, by Edward T. Russell, AFHRA8/23/2012
UnknownOperation Ranch Hand: The USAF and Herbicides in SEA, 1961-1971William A. Buckingham9/28/2010
Air Force History and MuseumsAir Corps News Letter Jul-Dec 1929Air Corps News Letter4/22/2011
Air Force History and MuseumsThe F-15 Eagle: Origins and Development 1964-1972Jacob Neufeld, Nov 19745/16/2012
Air Force History and MuseumsGen. Carl Andrew Spaatz, Chief of Staff of the USAF, 1947-1948from the book Secretaries and Chiefs of Staff of the United States Air Force: Biographical Sketches and Portraits, by George M. Watson, Jr.3/11/2016
AF/HOGeneral Thomas Dresser WhiteUSAF Chief of Staff, July 1957 - June 1961xxxx2/26/2019
UnknownAir Ground Teamwork on the Western Front: the Role of XIX Tactical Air CommandHeadquarters US Army Air Forces9/22/2010
Air Force History and Museums ProgramThe USAF in SEA 1961-1973: an Illustrated AccountPages 309-3833/28/2017
UnknownThey Fought With What They HadWalter D. Edmonds10/1/2010
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