• 2001 - Operation Noble Eagle

    Following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the United States and a coalition of its allies embarked on a global campaign against terrorism. The U.S. Air Force plays a vital role in that ongoing battle, notably in the tasks carried out by the service in the three major military operations

  • 2003 - Operation Iraqi Freedom

    After the attacks on September 11, 2001, and the overthrow of the Taliban and al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, the United States Government turned its attention to Iraq and the regime of Saddam Hussein. Citing intelligence information that Iraq had stockpiled and continued to develop weapons of mass

  • 2005 - Hurrican Katrina Relief Operations

    Hurricane Katrina, with winds as high as 140 miles per hour, made landfall near Buras, Louisiana, on August 29, 2005, devastating parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama with storm surge as high as 25 feet. The dense population of New Orleans was hardest hit, and failures of floodwalls and

  • Air House: A History

    Quarters Seven is more than a historic Air Force building, it is a welcoming home.  Located on historic Ft. Myers, Virginia, Quarters Seven is the residence of the Air Force Chief of Staff. This book surveys the history of the United States Air Force and recounts the service of Air Force Chiefs of

  • An Uncommon War: The US Air Force in Southeast Asia

    Shortly after the end of the war in Southeast Asia, the Air University's Airpower Research Institute at Maxwell AFB, Ala., commissioned a series of studies of the aerial aspects of that conflict. Some 40 airmen who had served in the Vietnam War helped write and edit the volumes. Known as the USAF

  • Army Air Forces Aircraft: A Definitive Moment

    World War II was a definitive moment in history for aircraft. For both the military and commercial industry it was the heyday of aircraft production. Before the start of the war the U.S. Army Air Corps had only a few hundred air planes. By the end of the war it was the largest Air Force ever

  • B-26 Bomber, Martin or Douglas?

    The Martin B-26 Marauder, a twin-engine light bomber, entered U.S. Army Air Forces service in 1941. Over 5,000 were built, and the aircraft were used in all theaters of operations. All Martin B-26s were declared obsolete by the United States Air Force in 1948, but few had survived even until that